Cool FM OAP, Freeze is not known to let sleeping dogs lie. He went in on Timi Dakolo’s comments about divorce.

TImi Dakolo noted that this generation is shallow and impatient. He advised singles to come into marriage prepared and complete.

Hear him:” The way people are making divorce look like something cool, like your marriage vows mean nothing , it makes me wonder what they thought for better for worse meant.If you weren’t sure, why did you go ahead? Don’t give marriage a bad name.

Reacting to    Timi Dakolo's comment, Dady Freeze wrote on Instagram:

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"So pastor Oyakhilome that got divorced is an incomplete person abi?

"A friend of mine nearly had his dick cut off by his ex wife. She tied him down in his sleep, if not for the fact that his younger brother broke down the door and rescued him, today he would have been dickless.

"I wish he had listened to TIMI'S advice and remained in the marriage with or without his penis, as long as he kept his vows abi? God punish bad people!

"I am a living testimony that divorce from a bad situation is a HUGE BLESSING, as in baba blessing.

"If person wan kill you, no run o, siddon inside the marriage dey dance to Timi music ? ~FRZ”