Blackface has reacted to the letter sent by 2face Idibia's lawyers to him, asking him to apologize within 7 days.

Blackface was contacted by 2face Idibia’s lawyers who accused the former Plantashun Boiz  member of defamatory statements made against 2Face and his manager, Efe Omorege.

2face in the letter dated May 5th, asked Blackface to apologize for accusing him of song theft, sabotage, music royalties’ fraud amongst other things.

Blackface says he has received the letter from 2face's lawyers but has vowed never to apologize.

"They sent me that letter some days ago asking me to apologize. Rastaman apologizes to nobody man. Rasta will never apologize to them because they are filled with evil and fuckery so they should go to hell and anything they want to do they should do but I know that my lawyers should have served them already. 

“What am I apologizing for? Somebody takes your music and then you apologize? Is that for real? They are really playing with themselves and I think the manager is putting him in a whole lot of trouble. They know they are in a whole lot of trouble. 

“They took a lawyer from Oshodi bridge to write something for them who does not even know how to weigh the case and know what to even write. Illiteracy is around them. They are crazy. They don't even know what they are doing "he said.