Bleaching expert, Bobrisky is ready to battle all his online haters and trolls.

The he/she has been taking digs at 'haters' on some social media platforms.

Not done with the dissing, he uploaded a photo of one of his ‘haters’ on Instagram for an insult session.

He wrote; "Firstly, u idiot don't worth uploading u on my page. But i uploaded u intentionally for some of ur family member to see how stupid and foolish u are. 

"U are insulting me pls have u look at d Mirrow to see how ugly u look ? No I'm sure u haven't. So am giving u an assignment now dear, go watch YouTube how to draw a perfect eye brows and fix ur fat lips den u can come face d baddest. Cos ur brows is annoying dis one is crossing each other like cross country motors park I don't understand."