The earth is heating up and that has caused fluctuations in weather conditions.

So, when it is sunny, you are scared to come outside and when it rains; even drizzles could bring in flood waters.

That, in a nutshell, describes global warming or climate change.

The flooding we have seen in recent time in some states in Nigeria is largely due to the climate change.

A new report by a group of Non-government organisations says the best -- and fairest -- way to keep the earth cool by capping global warming is to empower indigenous forest peoples, reduce food waste and slash meat consumption.

The report by an alliance of 38 NGOs was released on Monday.

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AFP reports that the NGOs argued in their 50-page report that “Restoring natural forest ecosystems, securing the land rights of local communities and revamping the global food system could cut greenhouse emissions 40% by mid-century and help humanity avoid climate catastrophe”.

But seriously speaking, things aren’t really looking too good for the earth. According to recent reports, the Earth is on track to warm up an unlivable three or four degrees Celsius (5.4 to 7.2 degrees Fahrenheit) above pre-industrial levels, far about the 1.5C climate-safe threshold endorsed last week by the UN in a major climate change assessment.

"This is a pragmatic blueprint for tackling the climate crisis while respecting human rights and protecting biodiversity," said Kelsey Perlman, forest and climate campaigner at UK-based NGO Fern.

"Decision makers must abandon their faith in unproven technological solutions and put restoring and protecting forests at the centre of climate strategy," he added.

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