The Nigerian government wants to find a lasting solution to the conflict between Wanikade and Wanihem communities in Cross River but they must allow peace to reign before that will happen.

Deadly clashes over a piece of land within the month of June in Yala Local Government Area has claimed scores of lives and property worth millions of Naira were destroyed.

The Acting President, Yemi Osinbajo, has asked security agencies to take urgent measures to avert a further breakdown of law and order.

He condemned the incident and pleaded with leaders of the warring communities to dialogue with state authorities.

He also directed the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) to liaise with the State government with a view to sending relief materials to the affected communities.

Communal clashes between neighbouring communities in South-East and South-South Nigeria has been on the increase over the last 2 years. Most times, the fights are over disputed pieces of land which contains crude oil or minerals.