Some things should be kept sacred and never uttered outside the confines of your relationship

Ladies love to chit chat a lot, especially when they’re hanging out with their friends. While this is not a bad thing, some ladies get carried away to the extent of saying stuff that should be kept private.

It can sometimes be born out of the need to impress others and make them see you as being in a happy relationship or rather, as the ‘boss’ of the relationship.

However, here are 4 intimate details you should never mention to your friends about your man.

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1. Your sex life: Sharing details of your sex life with your friends is like literally inviting them into your bedroom. Telling them how ‘good’ or ‘terrible’ your man is in bed is like giving them a reason to lust after him or simply laugh at him. Whichever the case, your sex life is TMI so avoid talking about it when you hang out with your girls. There are far many other topics to discuss besides how you and your man get down and dirty behind closed doors.

2. Money matters: Perhaps your guy is going through a rough patch financially and you’ve been helping him out a little bit, you really don’t need to share this bit of info with your friends. You need to understand that the issue of money is very sensitive in a relationship and your man wouldn’t want to be perceived as a loser or freeloader. Preserve his dignity and refrain from announcing to your friends that you’re the one holding the purse strings in your relationship.

3. His secrets: One thing that shows that your partner completely trusts you is when he opens up and tells you deep things that he probably has never told anyone else before. It would be utterly unfair of you to then share these secrets he told in confidence with your friends. Aside from this being a betrayal of trust, it also exposes him to ridicule from your friends.

4. His mistakes: Nobody is perfect – including you. So if your man makes a mistake for which he has apologized and shown genuine remorse, you have no business spilling this tea to your friends because it would portray him in a negative light. You don’t want your friends always viewing your man as an offender, do you? 

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