Nigeria has suffered a massive power outage due to a fire incident near one of its power generation plants.

But it appears it won’t be the only one to suffer the consequences.

The supply of gas from Nigeria to Ghana may have also suffered another setback following the damage caused by the fire incident.

The fire occurred at the Escravos-Lagos Pipeline System, which supplies gas from Escravos in the Niger Delta area to Lagos.

The pipeline, which supplies gas to power plants in the South-West, also feeds the West Africa Gas Pipeline System which was built to supply natural gas from Nigeria to customers in Benin, Togo and Ghana.

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Ghana gets about 25% of its power supply through gas from Nigeria, which flows through the pipeline via Benin and Togo. The country has a deal with Nigeria to receive 120 million standard cubic feet of gas daily.

But gas supply from Nigeria to Ghana has often been curtailed in recent years by several challenges.

In 2016, the resurgence of militant attacks in the Niger Delta, which caused Nigeria’s oil production to plummet to a near 30-year low, significantly reduced gas supply to the West Africa gas pipeline.

Nnw more recently om Tuesday, the fire incident on the ELPS led to a total collapse of Nigeria’s power grid, worsening the nation’s electricity woes.

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