There has been some form of unease within government and the military since General T.Y. Danjuma’s damning verdict on the Nigerian armed forces.

For a revered Nigerian of his caliber to say openly that the military is not neutral in the handling of the herdsmen crisis, Nigerians seem to be asking questions they never asked before.

Different Nigerians have recommended an overhaul of the military system, with the hope that this would help.

But one man is looking at things from a different angle and he is also a retired army officer like General Danjuma.

He is Security Consultant, Col. Hassan Stan-Labo (Rtd).

Does he agree with the call that the leadership of the Army and other armed forces be changed to send a message?

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“If the suspicion gets to a level where it is no longer bearable, one can argue that if there is nothing to hide, let them go ahead – change the leadership if you wish,” he replied.

However, the change required, for Col. Stan-Labo, is not just about the persons appointed but the system through which they are appointed.

“I don’t really believe in this constitutional spread. I don’t subscribe to the president’s executive council the way it is constituted.

“If we had not subscribed to this idea of representation from everywhere, we’ve got good hands and brains that can help us run this country better.

“Whether they are all from your village, I don’t want to know. Get people who can give us results.

“That they are spread across all the 37 states does not make our best hands come on board at times,” he said.

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Regarding Danjuma’s accusation that the military is covering and aiding herdsmen to kill innocent Nigerians, Stan-Labo believes that the service chiefs are most likely unaware of the issue.

He admitted that the accusations cannot be discarded but it is most likely existent only at the operational level.

“There are commanders on ground who probably need to answer some questions,” he said.


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