Less than two weeks after Disc Jockey, DJ Cuppy, revealed why she stopped being a feminist, Nigerian actress and film maker Genevieve Nnaji, has raised the feminist flag.

Relishing in the euphoria of the acquisition of worldwide rights to her movie by Neflix, the actress said she embraces her femininity.

“I'm a proud feminist who embraces her femininity. I feel sometimes women are made to feel self-conscious and ashamed of their womanhood.

''Perhaps like ‘Wonder Woman’, we may wake up one day to discover that it is our superpower, and then we would be unstoppable.”

Her view on feminism contrasts with that of billionaire heiress, DJ Cuppy, who said in an interview in August 2018  that she’s not a feminist because she doesn’t understand it.

“I used to consider myself a feminist, until I realized that I did not really understand it. I don’t like people who are hypocrites. People are out there speaking about women rights, but behind closed doors are doing crazy things.

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“I will never come out as a feminist because I am in a male-dominated industry, so I have a certain scenario. I deal with men on a daily basis and I realize that they will always think that they are better than women. I don’t think it is going to solve it,” she'd said.

What is your own definition of feminism?

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