On Tuesday, January 22, 2019 at Ejigbo area of Lagos State, a 16-year-old boy was seen sneaking out of the house of one Prince Chinecherem in a rather suspicious manner.

Curious neighbors accosted him and asked what he had gone to Prince Chinecherem’s house to do.

He could not give a satisfactory answer. So, they asked him to open the plastic bag in his possession, which contained freshly used condoms filled with semen.

At this point, the boy revealed that the 32-year-old Prince Chinecherem was his lover.

The matter was immediately reported to the Police at Ejigbo Police State and the said Prince was arrested for interrogation.

After preliminary investigation, the matter was called for further enquiry by the Gender Section of the Command.

Both suspects and the survivor were taken for medical examination and the result revealed that the survivor had long been introduced to homosexual act.

Sadly, medical examination further revealed that both of them have been infected with HIV virus which causes AIDS.

Further findings by Bounce News revealed that Chinecherem might have infected the boy with the virus.

The Lagos State Police Command says the suspects will be charged to the Sexual and Special Offences Court in Ikeja for prosecution.

The Commissioner of Police, while addressing the media on the matter expressed hope that the 16-year-old victim can be rehabilitated.

He urged parents to see the case of this boy as another reminder that they need to pay more attention to the activities of their children.

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