Lithuania is a tiny country in Europe. They want people to visit their city and discover their city. And they decided on an advert that plays on sexual acts.

The tourism chiefs in Lithuania's capital decided to use a picture of a woman apparently in the throes of sexual ecstasy to publicise the city.

The campaign poster to be launched on Thursday shows a red-haired woman lying on a map of Europe with her hand gripping Lithuania, reports Sky News.

Only the top of her head can be seen, but it appears she is having sex.

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The poster proclaims: "Vilnius, The G-Spot Of Europe. Nobody knows where it is, but when you find it, it's amazing."

While this looks creative, the campaign, appears to be coming at a bad time.

It is coming ahead of Pope Francis’ visit to the largely Catholic country next month.

Of course, the Catholic Church has wasted no time in condemning it.

Priests expressed concerns that the ad used "women's sexuality for advertising" and gave "wrong ideas" about the city.

However, it has been backed by the country's prime minister, Saulius Skvernelis.

"I think it's a strange advertising choice, but I believe it does not cross the line in a democratic country," Mr Skvernelis told Lithuanian public broadcaster LRT.

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