“Today human beings are now being slain for cattle

"Should men, women and children continue to lay down their lives for cattle? Cattle are meant to lay down their lives for men.”

The time is just ripe for Nigerians to pray that God will arise and scatter all the enemies of the nation. 

Again, a prophet in Nigeria is asking the leaders and security agencies to wake up to their responsibilities before the nation relapses into anarchy. A period where everyone will carry arms and defend themselves.  

Now, after a sermon on Sunday, the Bishop of the Living Faith World Outreach, in Ota, Ogun State, Dr. David Oyedepo, took time to reel out what he called the mind of God for the hour for Nigeria.

The nation had started 2018 with deaths recorded in different states, with a figure that had not been seen before in the beginning of the year. It was New Year of mourning for some families. 

Herdsmen in Benue killed over 70 persons and cult groups in Rivers killed over 14 persons and the Bishop says they are signs that the nation is in slumber. 

Nigeria needs to wake up, he told the congregation in the 50,000 capacity auditorium.  

The Full Declaration of Bishop David Oyedepo

It is not enough to pray, people must cry out

The destiny of this nation has never been under a threat of survival as it is today.

People may soon be forced to take laws into their own hands.

The security apparatus of the nation has obviously failed to protect and defend the lives and property of these poor farmers across the nation.

While we are claiming to curtail Boko Haram onslaught, we are on the other hand ‘sponsoring or abetting’ the Fulani herdsmen and their murderous acts.

Nigeria is a nation at war with herself. No external aggression, no ethnic crisis, no natural disaster, yet we are doing mass burials. What a nation in a state of slumber.

Here the voice of the Lord through this prophet.


The soul of Nigeria is nearing the point of death and the nation and her citizens are fast becoming endangered species.

God have mercy.

I chose some questions that border on conscience as unveiled to me by God.

Pertinent questions that border on the conscience of a nation and her leaders.

Is cattle business government's business?

Should farmers be killed for Fulani herdsmen to live?

Should all the farmers leave their farms today for Fulani herdsmen?  

Will the nation ever survive, when we are still producing less than 20% of what we eat?

There is more to these low responses from relevant agencies in addressing this sensitive issue which is obviously a time bomb.

Where is the morality behind strangers (Fulani herdsmen) and I call them strangers.

We live in a land where every community legally own their land.

Farming on your farmers land and some strangers in the name of herdsmen who are doing their own personal business come to graze on your crops and kill you on top of it.

Where is the government?

Where are the leaders of thought in Nigeria?

You say, but what concerns you?

I am a God ordained stakeholder. I have under my care by divine grace. One out of every 150 Nigerians in this country is under my watch. I am a stakeholder.

God will ask me of them and I don’t want to be inquired of their blood.

There is no state in this nation without the strong footprint of this church.

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Even in the midst of Boko Haram harassment we were there on ground rescuing souls and praying for the peace of Nigeria. Don’t ask me what’s your concern.

I have more stake than people today that claims to be in power.

The conscience is dead. So, wake up.

You can’t trade lives of men for your ambition. No! No! Not when prophets are in the land.

Does Nigeria land now belong to Fulani herdsmen? Are they now the customary land owners in every state, city, town, village and hamlet?

There is danger in the offing.

Can these citizens still trust the security agencies of this nation for their protection? It is after the killing they arrive there.

And when citizens can no longer trust the government for their protection, a state of anarchy is in view.

Insurrection may as well be on the way. This largely unchecked aggression of Fulani herdsmen may eventually choke the soul of Nigeria to death. God forbid.

The Nigeria Project

Is Nigeria project still working? I have my doubts.

We cannot remain one with gross injustice with no feeling of concern.

It is time to get out of slumber. Nigeria shall remain one because justice shall prevail.

You can’t be stepping on my toes and say let’s have peace. I say take your feet off my toes and you say no just let’s have peace. No! you will have an exchange of blows.

You can’t have peace with injustice. It is not done.

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The work of righteousness shall be peace; and the effect of righteousness quietness and assurance for ever (Isiah 32:17).

You can’t use weakeness to see peace. Nobody is a Nigerian more than I am a Nigerian and much more I am sent by God for the libration of the souls of men.

My mandate is more important than anybody’s ambition.

The wicked shall not survive in this nation.

Is our sense of value for human life still alive in Nigeria?

Today human beings are now being slain for cattle

Should men, women and children continue to lay down their lives for cattle? Cattle are meant to lay down their lives for men.

How are these killers making away with their murderous acts. They must have the backing of powers that be. Any right-thinking Nigerian will speculate same.

Is Boko Haram not spreading strategically in the guise of Fulani herdsmen across the nation?

How many cows will a Fulani herdsman sell to buy an AK-47 riffle which is at a cost of about 3 million Naira. He will sell all his fortune to buy one. But now children of herdsmen are holding riffles.

Some fellows must be responsible in supplying them.

Nigeria must wake up from slumber and defend the unity of our grate nation or to your tents Oh Israel will be the last resort.

Now, I have spoken the mind of God for the hour, let all responsible wake up to their responsibilities. The wicked shall not continue to have its way in Nigeria.