"Are you mad?" This is a very common question motorists ask one another in Nigeria after an accident was averted or just after a collision.

The ongoing feud between private car owners and commercial drivers often escalates with a swift exchange of insults - "you must be crazy" and "you are insane".

To settle the disputes and avert further face-offs the Federal Road Safety Corps has released guidelines for the proposed psychiatric examination of traffic offenders in the country.

Corps Marshal, Boboye Oyeyemi, said the tests would begin on July 1.

According to the guidelines issued by the Corps’ Public Education Officer, Bizi Kazeem, it will cover life threatening traffic offences which he says are rampant in the country.

The identified offences are: use of mobile phones while driving, route violation, traffic light violation, dangerous driving and overloading.

Kazeem said offenders would have their driver’s licenses withdrawn pending confirmation of their sanity.

He explained that the violators would bear the full cost of the examination, which would be conducted at recognised public medical facilities - Yaba Left.

“The move arose from observed aggravating crashes and disobedience to road traffic laws and regulation.

“This nation can no longer watch the lives and property of its citizens wasted by a few non-conformists on the highways."