These are grave accusations against singer, Small Doctor.

The 'Penalty' singer has been called out by a friend who says Small Doctor tried to kill him with poison.

A South African friend of Small Doctor, Jurjiversal, who is also an artist has said Small Doctor and an associate tried to poison his drink while he visited Nigeria.

Jurjiversal took to his Instagram page where he gave a blow by blow account of what transpired between himself and Small Doctor.

Reading like something one might catch only in a daytime action series or film, Jurjiversal, claims that when he went to see Small Doctor at home, his Hennesey drink was poisoned.

The murder attempt did not end there, according to the South African based artiste, Small Doctor tried to crash his side to kill him in a car crash.

"I already know all your evil plans against me which is fueled by envy and hatred but you have failed which still inspired me to write a song and am dropping that song in the next 48 hours ‘1000 Friends to foe’," he wrote on Instagram.

So who is Jurjiversal, and why will Small Doctor be envious of him? Is he trying to get his ''5 minutes of fame"?

These were questions we sought to answer when Bounce News reached out to him but all attempts went unanswered.