So, France’s new president, Emmanuel Macron is visiting Africa.

It is his first official tour of the continent since elected president.

He is expected to visit former colonies, Burkina Faso and Ivory Coast. He is also expected to make a stop in Ghana.

During the tour, he will stress that he wants a partnership of equals with Africa, based on education and entrepreneurship.

He will also try to convince young people eyeing Europe's shores that they have a future at home.

The tour begins on Tuesday and it comes as Europe tries to find ways to stem the flow of migrants across the Mediterranean without leaving them to the mercy of traffickers in transit countries like Libya, where they face torture, rape, and -- as a CNN report showed recently -- being sold into slavery.

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Macron will also be seeking international backing for a new, five-nation African counter-terrorism force, which France hopes to see eventually take over the fight against jihadist groups in the Sahel region.

France's youngest ever president at 39 has been taking counsel from a group of young French business people of African origin about how to buff his country's image on a continent where for decades it supported old dictators.

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