Eleven locations in Lagos are already enjoying free WiFi service, thanks to the new Lagos promised by APC governorship candidate, Mr Babajide Sanwoolu.

The politician was the guest of TVC Lagos on Tuesday, where he spoke about his plans for the state.

He wants Lagosians to have three to four hours free internet daily to enable them do business more easily as he plans a new government that “will be heavy on technology”.

“We are actually going to deploy in almost 100 places... They say the taste of the pudding is in the eating. We just want Lagosians to have a feel.

“So we are looking at huge public places; a lot of the malls and other places where people congregate and we believe that is how we’ll begin to change the narrative.

“People must have access, not only to global trends but we must also be able to know that this is how the world is going. So, anyone who is into coding and needs opportunity can begin to play in that space.”

This promise is not strange to Lagosians, however. The PDP candidate, Mr Jimi Agbaje, during his campaign for the 2015 election made similar promises that many said were unrealistic.

So, what has changed since then? Mr Sanwoolu had limited time and could not explain how he intends to sustain this big dream but promised to provide answers at other forums.

Mr Agbaje has recently criticized the APC government in Lagos for being wasteful in its 19 years of leadership, as they are unable to account for seven trillion naira and he would be the best man to “free Lagos”.

Now popularly referred to as ‘incoming’, Mr Sanwoolu wondered how PDP’s Jimi Agbaje came about that figure and what exactly he wants to free Lagosians from. “Talk is cheap”, he said, arguing that a PDP candidate should not be discussing prudence.

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