The Apapa Wharf Road, being constructed by AG Dangote, has reached 75% completion and will be delivered by the end of this month, the company has said.

The road has been a mess and perhaps, this may not make the Apapa traffic gridlock disappear overnight, but it could significant ameliorate the trouble axis.

The Project Manager, Tunde Jimoh, said the two-kilometre concrete road had been configured with a thickness of 80 centimetres to withstand heavy vehicular movement in the area.

According to him “the road is divided into four sections to ease traffic during construction. All outbound has been completed. Presently, we are on the inbound of sections one and four, which will be completed shortly.

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“The inbound of sections two and three will be completed in July, while everything about the road will end by the end of the month. The project is about 75% complete now, the remaining 25% will be completed by the end of July.”

Jimoh said the project initially suffered a setback due to gas pipelines found on the construction path.

The Project Director, AG-Dangote Construction Company Limited, Olatunbosun Kalejaiye, stated that the presence of heavy equipment on the road was to quicken construction, which began mid last year.

“Our focus is to finish the project with good quality work this month. As for longevity, the road will last for two generations,” he added.

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