Billionaire and Chairman of Forte Oil PLC, Femi Otedola is pledging to give 10,000 naira each to 1,000 people who first retweet his independence anniversary message.

In the tweet, from the handle @realFemiOtedola, the oil magnet said: “Today is Nigeria’s Independence Day and I’m happy because there’s hope for the future and a better Nigeria especially in the hands of the younger generation.

“I will be giving out N10,000 each to the first 1,000 people that RT this to celebrate independence.”

The tweet has garnered over 85 retweets in less than 30 minutes at the time of filing this report, with many people retweeting and sending in their bank account details.

But upon further investigation, we discovered this is a parody account – it is not the real billionaire Femi Otedola. It is a fake account being used by an impersonator.

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The real account does not have the tweet promising to give users 10,000 naira. In fact, the last tweet by the billionaire was on June 30, 2018 when he tweeted that he was suspending his account pending when Twitter verifies it. 

See the tweet below: 

Here is how we found out:

Femi Otedola’s twitter account, @realFemiOtedola is verified by Twitter. And he has about 63,400 followers on the platform. Contrast this to the fake account which has only 5,882 followers and has sent out far more tweets of 129, compared to the real Otedola’s only 57.

Also, his Twitter handle @realFemiOtedola is with small letter “L” in real. But the fake account @reaIFemiOtedola has ‘L’ letter replaced with bold letter ‘i’ to make it hard for unsuspecting users to distinguish between the two.

The billionaire philanthropist only joined twitter by May this year, but no sooner had he joined than several parody accounts were created in his name.

He had warned his followers at the time, when he wrote: “Please beware of impersonators that may try to leverage on my profile. My handle is @realFemiOtedola using the small letter for "L" in real. I just blocked an impersonator that used the capital letter for "i" in real which, when put side by side, look identical. Please beware.”

See the tweet below:

This did not stop the activities of the impersonators compelling Mr Otedola to threaten to leave the platform completely unless Twitter verified his account to make it easy for his followers to identify his true profile.

Twitter has since verified his account but Twitter users who cannot make this distinction may continue to fall victim to the antics of the parody accounts.

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