Whistle blowing is still happening.

It has now been taken to the highest place of lawmaking and it is also against the Nigerian government's cash cow and the issue of subsidy. 

A senator, Abiodun Olujimi, raised concern in ThisDay newspaper over 1.3 trillion Naira ($3.5 billion) budget recovery fund being used by the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC).

It is earmarked as subsidy recovery fund by the NNPC.

At plenary on Tuesday, Senator Olujimi cited order 42 and raised demanded that the Senate should look at how this fund was being spent by the NNPC.

Senator Olujimi is sceptical about how two persons in the NNPC in whose care is this fund is have managed it. 

She said: "Mr President (referring to the Senate President), since 1999, there has always been a budget for subsidy but this has been jettisoned by the current government which leaves this administration in a dire strait.

"What is happening is that there is a fund named Subsidy Recovery Fund which is managed by only two individuals of the NNPC, that is the Managing Director and the Executive Director Finance.

"This fund is too huge for two people to manage.

"Right now, Mr President, the $3.5 billion is managed by just two and this is too huge to be managed without appropriation without any recourse to any known law of the land," she said.

Senator Olujimi further remanded the Senate President, Dr. Bukola Saraki, what he said when the budget was passed some months ago and said due process had not been followed. 

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"During your remarks after the passage of the budget.

"You mentioned that there should be a budget for subsidy.

"That should be brought before the National Assembly.

"By the report it is almost certain that the $3.5 billion is slush funds managed by two individuals and that is not correct, she told the Senate".

Responding to the issue, the Senate President directed the leader and chairman of the Committee on Downstream to look into the issue and produce a report that the Senate could debate and come out with the facts. 

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