“Small scale farmers stand to lose if Nigeria’s Anchor Borrowers Program continues to be implemented the way it started.”

Aliyu Usman Gwani, a small-scale farmer in Dadin Kowa community in Yamaltu Deba Local Government Area of Gombe State shared this concern with Bounce News.

He said no farmer has genuinely benefited from the program and improved their farming business.

The farmer said there is fraud in the Anchor Borrowers Program and it has brought hardship on dry season farmers in Gombe State.

Gwani, alleged that Nigeria would have benefited much in her economic fortune only if the Anchor Borrowers Program was genuinely implemented.

Aliyu Gwani, a lecturer at the Government Vocational Training Center Hina, told Bounce News in an interview that farmers at disposal of the Program are being forced to buy pumping generators for N43,000 to N45,000 against N25,000 that is sold in the open market.

“My big problem of the program is that, I was given the loan September and I was asked to repay in November 2018; what would I have cultivated with it?” he said.

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“The introduction of program has encouraged many to go back into farming, however there are issues that need to be addressed for the program to do well in empowering small-scale farmer”. 

The farmer who claimed to understood ills of the program appealed for a change in policy direction.

“This plan by the government of the day is apt, but the implementation faulty as most of us who have been empowered under this program are either not farmers or have not been able to make judicious use of the loan due to the timing.

“Except this is changed, Nigeria and its farmers will continue to be greeted with enormous economic challenges,” he said.

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