French Defence Minister Sylvie Goulard could not remain in the government while facing a possible investigation of alleged misuse of expenses at the parliament.

So she announced her resignation on Tuesday over a fake jobs scandal, which has allied itself with President Emmanuel Macron's party.

Her resignation comes as Macron carries out a minor shuffle of his government following parliamentary elections on Sunday which handed him and his MoDem allies a commanding majority.

Goulard was named to the defence job only a month ago following Macron's election to the presidency.

But she said the possibility of an investigation made it difficult for her to stay in the post given Macron's pledge to clean up politics.

"The president is committed to restoring confidence in public office, reforming France and relaunching Europe," she said in a statement.

"This reform agenda must take precedence over any personal considerations.

"That is why I have asked the president, with the agreement of the prime minister, to leave the government."

Macron accepted her resignation and said he "respected" Goulard's choice.