Former Commissioner for Information in Imo state, Theodore Elechi believes Governor Rochas Okorocha is making the race to the governorship unfair even before those running see the starting line.

Endorsing his son-in-law and serving chief of staff as his preferred candidate is already demoralizing other qualified aspirants.

He would not dispute the qualification of the man- Uche Nwosu, but he has many reasons why the man should not be supported.

He stated the reasons for their opposition of the move during an interview on Channels TV on Thursday.

1. It unsettles the party

While reading the statement of the APC group against Nwosu’s endorsement, Ekechi asked the governor to “act as a true unifier and a leader to ensure a level playing ground for all APC aspirants in all positions”.

He reiterated this position, saying that the governor has scared other aspirants with his move and this may not augur well for the APC going into the polls in 2019.

“We want to win in 2019. We won by luck, the governorship in 2015 and that was because Buhari had won before the governorship election took place.

“We don’t want to witness an abysmal performance of APC that happened in Imo state during the last election,” he warned.

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2. He is not experienced

Ekechi believes that as a political party going into a contest, you don’t just consider qualification, “otherwise there are one thousand and one people who are qualified walking along the road.

“What we are saying is that he is not the most experienced, he is not even experienced.

“We are saying he is not very articulate,” he said, adding that there are so many other people who are more qualified for the position.


3. Imo governorship is not for Okorocha dynasty

Ekechi believes Nwosu is morally disqualified based on the principle of spread and fairness among all regions of the state.

He said: “Achike Udenwa ruled Imo state for eight years. By the time Rochas finishes, it would have been 16 years from Orlu and now you want your son-in-law to take over, that will be 24 years.”

But is the Uche Nwosu from the same zone? Yes, he is, Ekechi said.

He continued, “He (Okorocha) said he wants somebody who he can trust to continue with his legacy. When Uche Nwosu finishes, he won’t see anybody outside the Okorocha dynasty to trust and the wife will take over.

“That would be hen the son would have been old enough to take another eight years, that is over 40 years.”

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4. It is against party constitution

Ekechi reads from the constitution of the All Progressives Congress:

“The National Working Committee shall be subject to approval of the NEC, make rules and regulations for the nomination of candidates through primary election.

“All such rules, regulations and guidance shall take into consideration and uphold the principle of federal character, gender balance, geographical spread and rotation of offices to as much as possible, ensure balance within the constituency so covered.”