Olanimu Babatunde (29) must have overrated himself, or shall we say he underrated the girls?

He went for an orgy with four commercial sex workers and died while at it.

The deceased was known as Kokomaster, meaning he had a reputation but he is no more unable to tell the story to the friends who hailed him for his heroics.

He died of exhaustion after the all night sex marathon at his house located on Thomas Street, Lagos Island area of the state.

Police have since arrested the four young commercial sex workers.

The arrested prostitutes reportedly claimed that they did not know that Olanimu was dead until around 4AM the following morning when they realized he no longer responded to their touch.

"We thought he was enjoying it, so we were taking turns and just having fun. It was when we realized he was no longer responding that we screamed,” one of the suspects was said to have told the police.

Sex is good but there is no shame in keeping it simple.