The Sodje family is in a deep mess at the moment and three brothers Efe, Bright and Stephen are said to be presently serving different jail terms for allegedly siphoning off more than £60,000 (over N28m) given to the Sodje Sports Foundation (SSF).

The international press as well as the local media were on Monday awash with stories confirming the conviction of the brothers.

And while it looks like the Sodje brothers did commit the distasteful crime they are being punished for, one of the member of the Sodje dynasty and ex-Super Eagles defender, Sam Sodje has thrown up a different narrative.

He is suggesting that the Sodje family was only being witch hunted for no just course.

Sodje brothers

In a post on his Facebook account on Tuesday, Sam who was cleared of all the allegation leveled against him; including money laundering said his family will remain closely-knitted and would not be shaken by the present developments.

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He wrote: "My family’s mood at the moment??????They think they’re tarnishing a great family name...You can’t tarnish a strong family soul. Operation bringing down Another big black family,We’re not the first and we won’t be the last. We all know the truth. Bunch of Bad losers???? #Supersam #Dontmissmybook??

It is been alleged that jailed three brothers used their connections within professional football and business communities to secure support for their foundation and to give it an appearance of legitimacy.

Between 2011 and 2014 they defrauded donors of at least £63,000.

There is no record of what happened to any of the cash donations made at any of the events, meaning NCA officers were unable to put an exact figure on how much the Sodjes profited.


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