Indonesia's former parliament speaker was handed a 15-year prison term on Tuesday in a victory for an ongoing clamp-down on widespread corruption.

Setya Novanto, once among the country's most influential politicians, had been accused of taking millions in kickbacks and bribes linked to the national roll-out of government ID cards.

His months-long trial came after a string of manoeuvres, including allegedly faking an injury in a car crash, that critics say the 62-year-old used to dodge serious charges.

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Prosecutors had demanded a 16-year sentence, some $7.4m in fines and the seizure of Novanto's considerable assets if he failed to pay the penalty.

Novanto, who had managed to sidestep corruption allegations in the past, was accused of playing a key role in embezzlement from the $440m ID card project, with some $170m disappearing from state coffers.

Several other politicians, government officials and businessmen have been charged in the scandal.