Is this the case of "The rich also cry or from grace to grass"?

45 year old Karimova is the eldest daughter of the late authoritarian president of the secretive ex-Soviet Central Asian state, who died following a reported stroke in September, 2016.

She was once a prominent socialite, fashion designer and singer.

But the once prominent socialite is now cooling off behind bars after she was found guilty of massive fraud and money laundering.

In a statement, the Uzbekistan Prosecutor-General’s Office said that “Gulnara Karimova has been charged” with crimes including fraud, money laundering and concealing foreign currency “and she has been held behind bars”.

She was once tipped to succeed her father and was a high-profile figure, serving in diplomatic posts including as ambassador to Spain and Uzbekistan’s permanent representative to the United Nations in Geneva.

Uzbekistan President

In a statement, the organised crime unit of the Prosecutor-General’s Office said she was a member of an organised criminal group that controlled assets worth more than $1.3 billion in 12 countries.

It said these include London properties worth £22.9 million ($29.95 million) and hotels in Dubai worth $67.4 million.

Among the long list of allegations against Karimova are that she fraudulently acquired assets worth $595 million and received $869.3 million in kickbacks that were paid into offshore accounts.

She has been reportedly under house arrest in the country since 2014 after publicly feuding with her mother and her younger sister Lola on Twitter. She did not attend her father’s funeral.

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