The prominent politician has been accused of issuing a bud cheque for the sum of 3.8 Million Naira.

The fake cheque was allegedly issued to Jos-based businessman, Theophilus Omhagie.

In an earlier hearing, the court has granted the accused bail on self-recognition but his absence from Monday's proceedings forced Justice Felomina Lot to rescind that decision.

"The accused was granted bail in this case based on self-recognition, but he has failed to show up or send any representative.

"His refusal to come to court in this matter goes to show that the accused has no respect or regard for the court; it is indeed a slap on this honourable court.

"I hereby revoke the bail earlier granted to him and order for his immediate arrest and hand over to the nearest police station," Lot said.

Last month, Prosecution counsel, E. A. Inbgbenoine, told the court that Dabwan issued a Sterling Bank cheque to Omhagie on October 3, 2016.

The cheque was allegedly linked to account number, 1001389536 The former lawmaker had instructed that the cheque should be presented on October 4, 2016.

However, on presenting the cheque at the bank, it turned out to be fake. He said that the complainant reported the case to the police after many failed attempts to get Dabwan to pay.

The case has been adjourned June 20.