Emmanuel Ayodele had just parked his car outside Amity Club in the Garki area of Abuja where he was supposed to meet with some friends.

He did not show any sign of illness as he was leaving home for the club.

His friends at the club were anxiously waiting for him to join them as the get-together was hitting its crescendo. 

He arrived safely and was about entering the club when tragedy struck.

The 65-year-old slumped.

He was reportedly rushed to the Sanklin Hospital, Mabushi where he gave up the ghost on Wednesday.

A friend to the deceased, Kazeem Idowu, said Ayodele's death shocked everyone as he did not show any sign of illness before his sudden passage.

Idowu, the Assistant Secretary-General of Amity Club described the former director as an active man with an “ebullient personality”.

He said everyone loved the deceased.