How can one person be this blessed?

At 33 when most of contemporaries are only good enough for lesser leagues, Ronaldo is still sought after by top European clubs.

Not only is he one of the greatest footballers of all time, his £100million switch from Real Madrid to Juventus, the medical staff in Turin revealed that he actually has the physical traits of a 20-year-old.

Can you believe that?

Try again

The medical team also discovered that Ronaldo has a mere seven percent body fat.

That is roughly three percent better than the average professional footballer, according to Mail Online Sport.


The 33-year-old Portuguese star boasts an incredible muscle mass of 50 percent, which is roughly four percent better than other players.

It could also be recalled that he also recorded the highest sprint speed at the 2018 World Cup of any player with his quickest pace of 21.1 mph. Surprisingly, he reportedly went on to reproduce that sprint speed in his medical.

Ronaldo who signed a four-year deal with the Italian giants will return to Turin soon for a few training sessions ahead of the opening day of the season. 

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