One person was shot dead late Saturday in Bamenda, the main regional town where he was enjoying a night out, his family said.

"We were going home when the gendarmes stopped us. They opened fire on our vehicle because some of us were slow to get out," the victim's brother said.

The victim's father confirmed that he had identified his son's body at the morgue.

On Friday, two other people were killed by armed police on the road linking Bamenda to neighbouring Bafut.

The police opened fire because the civilians "did not comply" when they were pulled up, a security source said.

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Meanwhile in the Belo region a 26-year-old man was killed Friday, shot dead while hiding in a loft space while security forces were trashing private homes, local residents said.

Witnesses spoke of destroyed homes, broken windows and televisions, radios and computers thrown into a pile then set ablaze.

The action by the security forces came after the death of two police officers in the area the previous day, which the authorities blamed on separatists.

The violence follows Nigeria's extradition to Cameroon of 47 separatists on Monday, including their self-proclaimed president, Sisiku Ayuk Tabe.


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