Valentine's Day is upon us and we can practically feel the wheels turning in the heads of lovers around the world as they try to figure out the perfect gift for their loved ones.

While many will argue over the fact that Valentine's Day and gift giving is over-rated, we can't run away from the fact that it is a day set aside to celebrate lovers, and the customary exchange of gifts is practically inevitable. Hence, here we are, brain-storming on the perfect gift idea for your man.

So, if you're one of those who like to leave things till the last minute and stuck on what to get him for Valentine's this year, here are a few practical ideas to point you in the right direction.

1. Work gear

Is there a work gear your partner needs or one that needs to be replaced? Why not get him this for Valentine's this year. It could be a quirky, practical laptop bag that reflects his personality, a planner/notebook to help him keep track of things, or even solid earphones. The best gifts, most times, are practical items that help our everyday life and these items definitely nail this thought.

2. Customised item

Personalised gifts are always a great idea as they convey shared sentiment. You could get him customised cuff-links, clothing items or even a mug engraved with a message that only both of you understand. What better way to have him smiling anytime he takes a sip from it?

3. Gym registration

Whether or not your partner is a fitness enthusiast, we all need exercise to maintain a healthy life and a gym registration is a good place to start this journey.

4. Clipper

Except your partner is on dreads, every guy cuts his hair at some point and a clipper is a very handy tool. Even if he already has one, you could get him one with separate features from what he has, and even better, you could customise the clipper.

5. Music collection

Is your man a 90s hip-hop lover or a gospel music buff? Or perhaps he has an eclectic music taste that combines a wide genre of music? Whatever it is, take the time to make him a very special mix-tape of all his favourite songs, plus songs that hold special memories for you both. 

6. Books

There's nothing better than a rich mind and the surest way to achieve this is by reading...and reading some more. Why not enrich your man's mind this Valentine by stocking up on some of his favourite books? It could also be educational materials relating to his field.

7. Home-cooked meal

Because the way to a Nigerian man's heart will always be through his stomach, a solid home-cooked meal will always be a valid consideration. Make him his favourite meal served on extra special dishes, and ofcourse, be sure that the ambiance is right - scented candles, soft background music, and your fine self in the sexiest lingerie you can find.

You're welcome.