Ramadan is expected to start either May 15 or May 16, according to Islamic clerics but there are fears.

We are yet to understand why traders increase the prices of goods during the holy month.

Why is such inexplicable hike associated with a month when the world is expected to experience more love?

Islamic cleric, Alhaji Abdulraheem Jimoh, has also noticed that it has become a norm for many sellers to inflate prices of their goods once Ramadan is about to start.

He said it is important for such sellers, especially the Muslims, to know that “Ramadan is a month recommended to give alms, to earn rewards”.

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“We are supposed to give more during the holy month instead of exploiting people by hiking prices of goods.

“It is not that the goods are expensive from the manufacturers, but it is because we like to inconvenience ourselves, thinking we are outsmarting others.

“So, it is a practice that should not be encouraged, and we need to start telling them now,” Jimoh said.

He said people should rather engage in practices that would earn them reward and shun those that would incur the wrath of Allah.

“As from now, even before we enter the Holy month of Ramadan, we should start the good deeds enjoined in the Holy Quran so as to get used to them.”