Antar Laniyan is highly respected professional and does not have the patience for female actors who have sex with film makers in exchange for roles.

The veteran said encouraging romance with female actors should be avoided as it can cause distraction which could possibly reduce the quality of film production.

"If you are disciplined and you don’t put romance with women first as an actor, you would go far. If you believe that as an actor, you don’t need women all around you, then you would remain relevant because you would concentrate on your craft.

"I directed ‘SuperStory’ for about 10 years but no woman entered my room in the camp. You can ask Wale Adenuga himself. There were amorous advances from women but I shunned them. I am feared while on set.

"As a lady, you cannot see me and have the courage to approach me with your amorous advances. People would even tell you not to try it with me; they would advise the ladies not to wink at me because I would just slap them", he said.

The strictness he applies on movie set has saved him from entering into the traps of women who are coming out to accuse some film producers in Nollywood of sexual harassment.

Accusations have been made against Yemi Solade and Yomi Fabiyi, both actors have said that the claims were personal attacks on their reputation.