In Nigeria, masturbation is one thing that many people still regard as a taboo and is listed among the vilest sexual practices any human being could ever engage in.

Religion also plays a major role in the belief that masturbation is immoral and ‘sinful’, and those who do it are doomed to the eternal flames of hell.

Self-pleasure can be very fulfilling when done in moderation

Well, medical science tells a different story altogether. According to research, masturbation is a safe and natural way to release pent-up sexual tension, feel pleasure and explore your body.

It’s a way to discover what you like sexually without any awkwardness, since it’s just you and yourself getting down.

And if you’re wondering whether there’s any side effect to getting off on your own, the answer is yes.  

First off is the guilt that comes after, especially if you’re hung up on spiritual beliefs about how bad it is to wank.

Then, there’s the possibility of you getting addicted to it till you no longer feel the need to have sex with your partner.

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As with everything else, moderation is key so no need to go overboard even if you’re just trying to enjoy yourself.

So, since we’ve established that it’s totally okay for you to masturbate (if you want), let’s talk about some of the benefits of flying solo.

1. It provides relief for built-up sexual tension, especially if you’re in a long-distance relationship or no relationship at all.

2. According to some research, regular ejaculation may reduce the risk of prostate cancer, although doctors are yet to figure out why. So if you’re a guy who’s not getting it regularly from your girl, you could help yourself out with a quick hand job every once in a while.

3. It’s a mood booster. Need we say more? Getting off after weeks of being horny can be a really sweet feeling.

4. It’s a great way to get to know your body better and what you enjoy sexually.