Will you insult American rapper, 50 cent for a piece of $9,000 (3.2 million Naira) up for grabs?

Celebrity boxer and undefeated champion, Floyd Mayweather, who had before now, compared the net worth of his former best friend, 50 Cent to one of his wrist watches, isn’t done ripping him apart on social media.

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Sharing a photo of 50 Cent with rats, the celebrity boxer promised to give out $9,000 (3.2 million Naira) to 9 fans who post the most disrespectful comments about 50 Cent using the hashtag #50Centgotherpes.

In the past, Floyd Mayweather had thrown jabs at 50 Cent, saying that it was Kanye West that ended his career, and he was not the biological father of his son. He also added that the 'Get Rich Or Die Trying' rapper had the sexually transmitted diseases, Herpes.

Try again

In return, 50 Cent made fun of Mayweather's inability to read or write.

While the exact origin of the 50 Cent/Floyd Mayweather beef is somewhat vague, sources allege that it has something to do with 50 Cent claiming Floyd swindled him of $2 million back in 2012.

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