Children in Bayelsa State have had to choose between education and the need to stay alive.

The increasing level of the river in the coastal state now endangers the lives of young ones, forcing the residents of Yenagoa, the Capital city to request that Governor Seriake Dickson order the closure of all schools including private schools.

This is to ensure the safety of the students whom are mostly underage and to enable all students resume collectively.                        

Three weeks after the resumption of schools and one week after the call from some parents for the closure of all schools, Governor Dickson took action.

He directed the immediate closure of all schools within the state with effect from October 5. 

At the entrance of Community Secondary School Agudama Edepie, A civil servant, Mrs Timi Johnson told Bounce News that she was "worried about leaving my underage daughters at home alone.

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“At school, teacher’s help to monitor them".

She explained that even if she arranged for teachers to teach them at home, she won’t be there to monitor them.

“I will start giving them homework and lock them inside the house while leaving for work."

The gate keeper of Top Meriam Academy Edepie, Pa Inimiemene, revealed that their school was always flooded and  the school had to take action to save lives.

"All our students have been asked to stay at home till the flood subsides. 

“We don’t want any child to drown or get lost during this period," he explained. 

Bayelsa school flooded has remained shut for days
Community Primary School without activities in compliance with the order 

As schools are temporarily on holiday, some parents were seen going to places like the market and running errands with their children walking beside them.

A hairdresser at EbiSam Road, Akenfa Epie, Mrs Glory Akpo, narrated that it had become difficult for her to concentrate at work, as she haf to constantly keep her three children in check.

“The closure of schools at this period is affecting my work because, I have to watch them, shout, talk, plead and sometimes, threaten them just so they won’t hurt themselves.  

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"Chemicals used to work in the salon is not also good for children to inhale.

“I am managing, but pray for the flood to recede so that our children can go back to school,” she said.  

A student of St. Jude’s Girls Secondary School, Amaranta, Yenagoa , Brakemi Inyang, lamented that even though her school was not affected by the flood, they were told to suspend classes. 

“Although I will read during this period, but staying at home with my sibling will be boring."

She said there won’t be many interesting topics to discuss, as they have not been taught much before the flood. 

“Discussion between my brother and I is interesting when we take it from our teachers perspective. 

“Now, I will just discuss what I know.

“I pray that the flood will recede soon so that we will go back to school,” Brakemi added.

Like they usually do during holiday, some of them have started hawking food stuffs while others just play.

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