Do you remember crouching before your television set ahead of 4pm eagerly waiting for the multi-coloured lines that would signal broadcasts were about to begin?

Ultimate Power

We completely remember it just like yesterday.

While it may seem like another lifetime, it wasn't  that long ago that the internet DIDN'T run our lives, and 24-hour cable channels did NOT exist in Nigerian homes, and we were completely at the mercy of NTA for entertainment.

We may have come a long way from that time but we never forget the glory days when the entire country was hooked to just one channel, and it's entertaining soaps. 

Join us down memory lane as we recall 8 Nigerian soap operas that rocked Nigerian homes in the 90s.

1. Fortunes: Liz Benson, Regina Askia and Ramsey Noah certainly gave us #familygoals in the hit soap opera, Fortunes. Centered around the wealthy,  glamorous Johnson family, there's hardly any 90s youngster who wasn't completely won over by this soap.

2. Ripples: Asides giving Genevieve Nnaji her first acting shot, Ripples kept us glued to our screen every Sunday night as we followed the antics of the charming Melvin Dehinde-Phillips (played by Patrick Doyle).


3. Checkmate: The mother of them all, Checkmate had a cult following and spun the also widely popular 'Fuji House of Commotion'. Starring Ego Boyo, Richard Mofe-Damijo, the late Francis Agu to name a few, Checkmate centred around the powerful Haatrope family and kept us all glued to our screens.

4. After The Storm: Who can forget the catchy theme song of 'After the Storm' which was one of the soaps that was shot in Jos? We were equally held spell-bound by the struggles of the soap's characters which included Zack Amata, Toun Oni, Remi Abiola to name a few.

5. Things Fall Apart: When one imagines Okonkwo from Chinua Achebe's critically acclaimed 'Things Fall Apart', it's probably Pete Edochie who comes to mind. This is owing to the stellar performance he gave in the popular 80s/90s adaptation of the book. Who can forget the chilling scene following the murder of Ikemefuna? Certainly not anyone who saw it.

6. Third Eye: Starring Nollywood's golden couple, Olu and Joke Jacobs, this was another hot favourite from the 80s/90s era.

Ultimate Power

7. Ultimate Power: Because the fear of ayamatanga was the beginning of wisdom for every Nigerian child growing up in the 90s. Not quite a soap opera, Ultimate Power was a serialised movie produced by Mount Zion films which had a religious theme. Widely popularly, the phrase ayamatanaga is one no 90's child who grew up in Nigeria would be unfamiliar with, right up there with agbara nla.