Sometimes women have more work to do to maintain a healthy lifestyle and weight after child birth. They work hard to make sure the entire family is healthy too and that requires a lot.

Giving birth comes with battling weight gain most times, but the woman will have to play her role to ensure she is fit and that she does not carry unnecessary load in form of excess weight.

Women who have given birth should see the need to exercise, that is one thing to take home from a fitness session organised by a mommy blogger, Jane Augoye of Fabulous Naija Mum and a fitness trainer Chinwe Obinwanne of Naijafitmoms in Ikeja area of Lagos State on Monday.

It is Eid-El-Fitr and while some persons are attending parties and in the mood of merriment, more than 30 mothers gathered at the Biyou Health and Spa in Justice Coker Estate, Ikeja, not for party, but to workout and keep fit in the Season 1 of 'Sweat It Out'.

It is one thing to desire good health and another to go after what will make an individual get good health.

exeercise for women with children

They were all mothers from all walks of life and they had come to keep fit and understand how to stay healthy to their benefit and to also make sure that they stay fit to meet demands as mothers taking care of kids and a husband.

It started with workout sessions at the fitness centre.

They were energy sapping and require endurance and resilience to go through, but how tough it was for some mothers showed the need to engage more in such exercise daily.

Discussions and coaching sessions were held on how best to handle their diets, (what to eat and what to avoid) to ensure they stay healthy and at the same time promote their desire to maintain a certain weight.

Some of the recommendations offered by the organisers are eating food that has less carbohydrate, reducing intake of sweetened drinks, replacing sweetened drinks with water sweetened a little with honey, maintaining routine workout sessions, checking the oil they use to cook to ensure it has low cholesterol and understanding their daily calories need among others.

For some, the exercises were tough but Chinwe Obinwanne and Jane Augoye stressed that it was usual to feel pains and cramps in the beginning of such routine exercise.

'Persistent and forming a habit of always exercising makes it less tedious, as it, overtime, becomes part of the individual’s life,' the women were told.

Jane okoya and chinwe obinwanne train nigerian mot

Chinwe said they had put the programme together to help mums understand the need to keep fit even as they do their best to make other members of their various families stay healthy. 

“There are a lot of mums suffering from body shaming as a result of taking care of everyone else apart from ourselves.  This brings mums together to share their issues and give us tips on how to keep fit and live a healthier lifestyle” the fitness trainer said.

Her target is to build a nation of fit and healthy mums.

It is a cost-effective system that could be handled even online with tailored plan to suit the individual’s schedule, she said.

The target is not to lose weight but to be fit and healthy, Chinwe also added.

Mrs Okoya said the target was to ensure that the entire family lived a healthy life, since the mum decides what the family eats.

“If the mum takes healthy living seriously, it will rub-off on other members of the family,” she stressed.

There is increasing obesity in children and the organisers said that the next programme would ensure that mums come in with their children.

One of the participants, Joke Rogers of Channels Television said it was an awesome experience.

women keeping fit and walkout for women.

Joke's colleague, Shola Shoyele, said she felt refreshed after the exercise sessions while Kemi, another participant, said the sessions and other training were nice and something that other mothers should explore to keep fit and stay healthy too.

To ensure that a specific weight is maintained and that one is fit, forming a habit of always exercising is one key thing that mothers should do to burn fat that comes with child birth.

On plans to make sure that mothers sustain the fitness and healthy lifestyle to keep them vibrant, Jane said accountability checks would be carried out both by them and the individuals, whom she said must play a role to sustain a healthy lifestyle.

Bounce News correspondent, Williams Osewezina, said it was exciting and interesting to watch women work hard to keep fit with one thing in mind – To Be Health For Their Family.

Some of the participants were also rewarded for attending the event with some gifts which organisers believe would motivate them to sustain the workout and remain fit.

It was the first event for mothers that the two organisers are collaborating on, but more of such event would be held to encourage women to live healthy and remain fit for the task ahead of them.