The fish are not big enough for one to eat, but they are just there as testament to the aquatic life that Nigeria is blessed with, and they took Mr Pere Antoi by surprise.

Small species of tilapia in varied sizes have taken over his sitting room, effectively turning it into a small fish pond of sorts.

He was away attending his daughter's school graduation ceremony when the rain started, and was not aware it would be so heavy, but a call from a neighbour brought him back to reality.

''Come and save your property from destruction,'' the neighbour had told him on phone and he quickly made his way back home.

fish takes over homes in Bayelsa

On getting home, he discovered that most of his property had been destroyed.

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Bounce News visited the area and saw Mr Antoi scooping water with his wife and daughter from his home.

"This is what we pass through every raining season. My family and I sleep inside the river in my house,” he lamented. 

Try again

According to him, the flood was caused by blocked gutters at the next street leading to a canal.  

"We have been suffering like this for more than a year now. We need government’s intervention in this area, or the water will discourage development from happening here."         

fish takes over homes in Bayelsa

Mr Antoi is not alone as many residents of Justice Tabai Street in Ede-Epie are all lamenting the difficult situation that has become a yearly occurrence.

A trader who sells female clothes was seen weeping as she recounted her loss. 

"The bale of clothes l opened on Wednesday got soaked.

“Where will l see sun to dry them?" she said while sobbing.

As bad as it is to have fish swimming in their living rooms, the residents are much more worried about reptiles as they fear snakes rendered homeless by the flood might take refuge in their homes and cause them harm.

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More than 12 houses were affected on the street including a school and a church.

fish takes over homes in Bayelsa

Residents of some of the unaffected streets are now living in fear as the flood has defied some artificial barriers put in place to prevent it.

The downpour has continued and it could become a more delicate situation in coming days.

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