Ashes was what could be termed as the debris of a popular motor part shop in Owo, Ondo State on Wednesday.

Famously known as Shanu-Olu Motor Parts, the shop was a one stop centre and a major motor spare parts arena where motorists can fix their vehicles without having to go out of town.

But in what seems to be an illusion, the entire stock at the shop was turned to ashes resulting from the uncontrollable inferno that engulfed the building.

Efforts by the people of the town to put out the fire did not yield any meaningful result as the intensity of the inferno was beyond their control.

The Spare Parts Dealer, Alhaji Saliu Lawal could not make a comment on what might likely trigger the fire as he was overwhelmed with emotion.

Addressing Journalists on behalf of the family, the son of the shop owner, Akeem Lawal appealed to the State Government to come to their aide.

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According to him, items burnt to ashes in the shops include: batteries, engine oil of all kinds, kitchen utensils, gas cookers, electronic knitting machines, generating sets, bicycles and sewing machines.

In his visit to the scene of the incident, Ondo state governor who was represented by his chief of staff, Olugbenga Ale sypathised with the motor part dealer and described the incident as a great loss owing to the significant role he has been playing in the state's economy.

He, however, charged the Police and the fire fighters to do a thorough investigation to ascertain the cause of the inferno.

Speaking on the incident, Babajide Alabi, an indigene of the town described the occurrence as horrible.

"I have never witnessed that kind of fire in my life. The more we tried to put it out, the more it intensified. Everything in the shop was consumed by fire. It was a shocking incident", he said.

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