There has been a fire outbreak at a section of the technical room of the National Assembly’s Senate wing.

The walkways were filled with smoke and staff and other workers had to leave their offices to avoid being trapped.

It was believed that the fire occurred due to some maintenance work ongoing in the technical room.

This also affected the Senate seating as the lawmakers had to leave the premises after being already seated.

After adoption of votes and proceedings, Ibrahim Gobir, Sokoto-APC, moved that the plenary be adjourned due to the “unconducive” state of the chamber.

“The condition is not very conducive because our chambers are there; yesterday we engaged the contractors working in the senate. We believe it is now Saturday they will be able to finish it,” he said.

Senate President, Bukola Saraki, approved the prayer.

He said, “Definitely the chamber is not conducive for today’s s activities and as such, I would direct that we adjourn till Tuesday so that between now and the weekend the members of the services and maintenance unit can ensure that we bring the chamber into a conducive environment.”


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