Within 24 hours over 50 shops have been destroyed in two states in Nigeria and if caution is not applied, more persons may lose their property to this ravaging harmattan fire.

Owners of these shops in Lagos' Gowon Estate area and Calabar in Cross River are counting their losses already.

In Lagos, the weather is 33 degrees Celsius and it is even worse in northern states.

Kaduna is a city where there are also a large number of shops which have limited fire safety and the State Fire Service is issuing an alert.

It warned the residents of the state to be cautious of how they treat inflammable substances.

The Director of the Fire Service, Paul Aboi, issued this warning on Tuesday.


He told the News Agency of Nigeria that whenever people fail to heed such warnings, the consequences could be dire.

"If a glowing cigarette butt was not properly extinguished, it could provoke serious fire outbreaks," he emphasised.

He attributed most of the fire outbreaks in the state in recent times to faulty electrical gadgets, candles and uncontrolled or illegal burning of waste.

“Fires can lead to loss of lives and property. Burning of waste is often seen as a cheap method of managing waste.

“Although it is presumed not to be harmful to the environment but that is not true,’’ he said.

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The Fire Service Boss wants residents of the State to follow simple burning ordinances that will keep their property safe.

“We have had series of fire incidents and people ought to be extra vigilant.

"People should just play safe and exercise a lot of caution,’’ he said.

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