Amasa Firdaus generated a controversial issue recently after she was prevented from being called to bar for insisting on wearing hijab.

The refusal of the Body of Benchers to call Amasa Firdaus to bar continued to send ripples across the country, with many divided over the propriety of the action.

However, the Nigerian Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs (NSCIA), the umbrella body of Nigerian Muslims, has threatened to initiate legal war and nationwide protests if the Unilorin law graduate is not immediately called to bar and compensated.

The body made its stance known in a Tuesday statement signed by its Deputy Secretary General, Salisu Shehu.

NSCIA said the young lady had been victimised, harassed and intimidated by the Nigerian Law School, the Body of Benchers and the Council for Legal Education on account of her faith.

“She has been denied of rightfully joining her professional colleagues just because of her religion. She has been exposed to ridicule and opprobrium by standing for her religious rights.

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“It begs the question that she is not the only Muslim lady among those concerned, as no one will stand for her when she appears before her Creator to defend the correctness and otherwise of her actions. We reiterate that she has not violated any law.

“The NSCIA demands that the Federal Government, through the Ministry of Justice, call the Council for Legal Education and the Nigerian Law School to order so that they will not stoke religious crisis in the country.

“Our Council patiently waits for what the Ministry will do as it puts other options on the table, including litigation and nation-wide protests.

“Those who think they can ride roughshod on the rights of Muslims just because their co-Christian colonialists did it successfully will have to wake up and realise that Muslims are equal stakeholders in this country.”

NSCIA said the action constituted “the height of Islamophobia displayed by the authorities of the Nigerian Law School, the Body of Benchers and the Council for Legal Education.

“How does wearing hijab infringe on anybody’s right in Nigeria? Enough is enough of this chronic hatred and bigoted intolerance! Yours is your religion and ours is ours.

“We stand behind Abdulsalam Firdaos Amosa who acted within her constitutional rights and we insist that she must be called to the Bar and adequately compensated for the humiliation she was subjected to. Enough is enough!”


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