Once upon a time, it was almost a taboo for a Nigerian woman to talk openly about sex, let alone find ways to even make her sexual experience enjoyable. This is because in the olden days, our great-grand-mothers were made to believe that sex was for the purpose of procreation only, although men were allowed to have concubines to satisfy their sexual needs when their wives did indeed get pregnant.

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Libido boosters are becoming popular with Nigerian women

In fact, in those days, women were told by their mothers that sexual enjoyment was not their lot in life. Well, thank goodness the times have changed drastically! Now, Nigerian women are not only enjoying their sex lives but they’re also seeking ways to make it even more pleasurable.

This desire has birthed several businesses (usually run by women) that create various herbal concoctions, drinks, creams and even perfumes that are solely targeted at helping women achieve multiple orgasms during their sexcapades.

These libido boosters do not come cheap but they are selling out faster than hot akara. But why are Nigerian women suddenly so dependent on these products? Read on to find out.

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1. Sexual pleasure: Obviously! The number one purpose of buying a libido booster is to increase sex drive and make the encounter much more pleasurable. Some Nigerian women who have been circumcised sometimes do not experience orgasm during penetrative sex, hence the need to find something to solve that problem. Even some women who weren’t circumcised also face similar challenges so the libido boosters come to their rescue as well.

2. Vagina dryness: Women sometimes experience vagina dryness during sex, and though this is mostly caused by hormones, it can make sexual activities painful and uncomfortable. This challenge is another reason why the libido boosters come in handy to save the day. Some sellers promise their clients endless wetness throughout sex once they use their ‘herbal lubricants’. 

3. Two-minute noodles: Some men are selfish lovers who are only interested in getting themselves off whether their is satisfied or not. It’s no wonder that women have now turned to these libido boosters for something that will help them achieve an orgasm. Some of these products are even said to prolong sex so both parties are assured of a pleasurable and lasting experience.