We all remember the Dana aircraft, with registration number 5N-RAM?

It crashed on June 3, 2012, killing 163 people on board and on the ground.

The failure of the pilot in command to take a decision to return to base when the first engine of the ill-fated Dana Air Flight 992 failed 17 minutes into the flight led to its crash.

This was disclosed by the Commissioner of Accident Investigation Bureau (AIB), Akin Olateru.

He also indicted staff of the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA). They are accused of being complacent which enabled a pilot who was not prepared to operate an aircraft.

Olateru, who addressed journalists on the detailed report of the Dana Air flight crash, OAS and two Bristow helicopter accidents in Lagos, revealed that the report on Dana crash showed the MD 83 aircraft's first engine lost power 17 minutes after take off.

He said on final approach to landing in Lagos the second engine lost power and failed to respond to throttle movement on demand for increased power to sustain the aircraft in its flight configuration.

According to the report, the plane crashed because the people in charge of it forgot do the necessary checks on the aircraft.

They also did not think the matter was serious enough and therefore failed to land at the nearest suitable airfield.