Davido dropped his debut album, 'Omo Baba Olowo' seven years ago.

The award-winning musician has been taking a lot of time to release his sophomore album. Now after making a lot of empty promises about the album's release, it seems he might be keeping his promise this year.

He recently announced that 2019 will finally be the year we get to hear the album. Hopefully, he will not disappoint again.

Although Davido hasn't dropped a complete body of work since his 2015 EP, Son Of Mercy — an utter disappointment—he's dropped a bunch of impressive songs since then which, if compiled together, might as well make up an entire album.

Speaking about this during an interview with DJ Abbass, he said:

"I always tell people this, since 2016, how many songs have I dropped? I always drop a series of songs, all those songs, if you count it now, it's already one album.

''So I have given you guys materials, just that I haven't compiled it in one body of work, but I think this year I want to compile a couple of songs and drop an album."

Music fans might have gotten a thick skin so if he does not deliver on his promise in 2019, Nigerians will not be surprised.
Check out his interview with DJ Abbass below:

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