Nigeria's fight against the Boko Haram is about to get a big boost.

The United States of America has finally agreed it would sell some powerful fighter jets and other weapons to Nigeria to boost its fight against the dreaded terrorist group.

This deal has been on for a while.

When former President Barrack Obama was still in office, he agreed to sell the weapons but then something happened that made him change his mind.

In January this year, the Nigeria air force fighter jets accidentally bombed internally displaced persons' camp in Rann, Borno state, killing over 100 people.

After the incident, Obama ordered the suspension of the transaction.

But now, the deal has been resurrected by Obama’s successor, President Donald Trump.

And America has now formally agreed to sell the weapons which include 12 Super Tucano A-29 planes and other bombs and rockets to Nigeria.

On Wednesday, the Nigerian Air Force said in a statement that the United States ambassador to Nigeria, W. Stuart Symington presented it with letters of offer and acceptance.

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It said the U.S. State Department had approved the sale and final agreements would be signed and necessary payments made before February 20, 2018.

The U.S. government and Nigerian Air Force officials would also meet in early January to discuss the early delivery of the aircraft once payment had been made.

The sale of the 12 aircraft, with weapons and services, is worth $593 million, about 181.5 billion Naira when converted to Naira using the official exchange rate of 306 naira per dollar. 

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