Nigerian youths could go extra mile to get something decent they can do and earn a living, defiling insinuations that they are lazy.

The southern part of the nation bleeds crude that adds revenue to the coffers of the nation and youths of the region have been largely considered unserious and dependent on free money from crude oil explorations.

Bayelsa is one of those states in the Niger Delta region where this black gold is richly found, but there are so many youths in the state, like other states of the nation, that are unemployed.

The height of unemployment again showed up when the government of the state announced that it has 1,000 openings to fill.

Civil service job is something that young Nigerians grab with two hands, as it is believed to have been laced with job security, but the number seeking jobs in the state far outweighs the spaces available.

At the last count, 17,000 persons are jostling for 1,000 job openings and they are ready to get the job even though it takes few drops of blood.

Some came to take part in the process, but their loss of confidence in the process was obvious in their comments.

bayelsa employment process into civil service
The Civil Service Commission will have to sort over 17,000 forms and pick qualified candidates

Some believe it is a scam while others are not sure more than 200 persons would be taken.

But when there is hope, the struggle is made light, a few others who are 'hoping against hope' said.

After the state announced that it was filling these 1,000 openings that surfaced in the process of reforming the Civil Service in the state, the office of the Civil Service Commission became a place of regular visit for unemployed indigenes.

At least 26,000 fraudulent workers were discovered, and the state government said it was taking in only 1,000 fresh staff, a proportion it said it could manage, giving the reduction in the amount allocated to the state from the Federation Account, a situation made worse by perceived lack of initiatives that could generate more revenue in the state.

The process started with prospective candidates picking their forms and the office of the commission was like a market place.

Blood Flowed Freely

Some said they were taking part in the process just to show commitment to seeking a job and satisfy family members who may see them as not serious if they had stayed at home.

“The contract and temporary staff in the system already are over 2,000 which is far above the number the government is employing.

“Considering them first means that the number that will be taken from this over 17,000 will be less than 300.

“If the government wants to employ, let them employ or even give grants to graduates to set up businesses,” one of the applicants said.

On the set day for the pick-up of form and submission, a staff announced shortage of the photocopied forms and this made already frayed nerves go bizarre.

Scuffle and fist fight began, as the applicants defiled the heavy downpour to struggle for forms. Many sustained various degrees of injuries. Blood flowed freely.

It took the combined effort of some Police and Special Anti-Robbery Squad operatives to maintain law and order at the venue.

An applicant, Mr Profit Mitin, expressing lack of confidence in the process, said: "Retirees have not received gratuity since 2012. No pension, no salaries for teachers especially primary school teachers. If Dickson (Governor) does not clear these debts, it means that the 1,000 employment is a hoax to deceive Bayelsans who are clamouring for employment.

"He should just empower us financially and stop this deception. E don tire us".

bayelsa employment process into civil service
Applicants filling forms at the Civil Service Commission's office

Nengi Lambert, another applicant expressed the same sentiment and lamented that politics had replaced fairness and that he would just cross his fingers and watch the outcome of the employment saga.            

"The Governor should have explained that temporary staff in different ministries and those mistakenly affected by the reform are included in the 1,000 slots.

"This is Bayelsa, where we play politics with everything.

“We are already used to suffering, why give us hope and shatter it?" He asked. 

Requirements for the application include: Applicants must not be less than 18 years or more than 50 years and he or she must have a birth certificate or age declaration.

The educational qualifications are; FSLC, WAEC, GCE, Degrees, Certified Medical Certificate of fitness from government hospitals, NYSC discharge or Exemption certificate, Local government identification letter and Curriculum Vitae from each applicant.

At the ministry of Labour, Employment and Productivity, a staff who spoke on condition of anonymity told Bounce News that "if only these graduates knew that about 700 slots have been filled by politicians, they won't bother struggling for nothing.

“This employment can never be on merit”.   

It was not the first time that such employment process was being conducted in Bayelsa and the staff also pointed this out.

“The youths should be able to ask what happened to the aviation interview since April.

“Everyone is silent, after submitting these form, the silence will continue till Dickson leaves office.

"Our youths should stop their 'l dey loyal' attitude and demand for job opportunities.

“They will deny you work so that you will be hungry enough to do anything for money during 2019 election.

When their eyes go clear, e go don late for dem," the official added.

Mrs Angela Ketimo is a staff of the Civil Service Commission, and she says it will take several months for them to sort the application after which date for the interview would be communicated to qualified candidates.       

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