President Muhammadu Buhari wants African youths to have a new mindset about the fight against corruption which he champions.

The Nigerian President addressed the Africa Youth Congress Against Corruption (AYCAC2018) in Abuja on Sunday and told the young people of Africa that the fight against corruption was their's to lead and to win.

He believes that the effort will reverse the negative trends of corruption and it’s implications for Africa.

It was the launch of the AYCAC2018 and President Buhari in his speech emphasised that "Youth of Africa must pool their energies to effectively ensure that our natural and mineral resources remain on the continent for value addition, job and wealth creation as well as to create affordable health-care and quality education for our people.

"Winning the fight against corruption is very much in your hands!" he stressed. 

President Buhari also told the young crowd that of particular interest to the youth, as reflected in the Nouakchott Declaration, was the emphasis on the imperative of investing in the demographic dividends through anti-corruption, education and sensitisation campaigns, targeting young people as a means of bringing about behavioural change.

He said: "I thereby encourage young Africans, to use this Declaration as motivation to achieve greater resource investment in developing anti-corruption curricula and anti-graft campaigns in schools, businesses and the general public space.

"African Youth must remain the front and centre of restoring traditional African values of probity, integrity, honesty, diligence and hard work. It is only when the youth drive this change, that corruption will be eliminated!

"Youth meetings serve as vital platforms for young people to engage". 

The Nigerian leader further acknowledged the efforts of youths in the development of the continent. 

He referred to them as people that have demonstrated the zeal and determination to build the “Africa We Want".

"First, I wish to recognise Mr Moussa Kondo from Mali for his Accountability Lab in the Republic of Mali. He blazed the trail on how to build sustainable coalitions of “Accountapreneurs”.

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"Secondly, I recognise, Mr. Maxence Melo, from the United Republic of Tanzania, founder of Jamii Forums for strengthening the viability of whistleblowing policy tools.

"I also enjoin us to celebrate our very own Nigerian - Damilola Olawale, founder of Code IT for using technology to give young people the tools to demand transparency in the management of public resources.

"These young people have done impressive work in pushing the boundaries of innovation in the pursuit for greater accountability. And so today, we celebrate them and indeed we celebrate all of you - anti-corruption youngsters.

"You are the unsung heroes of our thematic year of the African Union, the high-impact achievers. You are the REAL AFRICAN CHAMPIONS!" he told them.

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