FIFA secretary general, Fatma Samoura wrote a letter to the Sierra Leone Football Association (SLFA) dated July 7 saying the meeting should be postponed “until further notice.

The letter stated that the postponement was due to pending “integrity checks” on all current or potential members of the executive committee.

Samoura said “problems… persist” in the ongoing probe, with new individuals of interest identified as requiring such checks.

FIFA’s Samoura visited Freetown last November with hopes of resolving ongoing tensions between the SLFA and the government, which had reached an impasse in its own investigation of the corruption allegations.

A memorandum of understanding signed during the visit set up an investigative committee headed by Conteh which was approved by FIFA, though this agreement between the world body, the SLFA and the government now looks in jeopardy.

Sports Minister Ahmed Khanou said he was “disappointed” by FIFA’s decision, adding it was “our role to supervise and regulate the activities of sporting associations.”

Khanou said his ministry was “trying to regulate the flow of money between the Sierra Leone Football Association and FIFA,” but said FIFA would not disclose where funds sent to the SLFA went.

“We want FIFA to be transparent in their dealings by consulting us before taking decisions,” he added.